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Here you can find background information on the cultures, settings, and people of My Sister the Dragon.

Character Profiles

| Relden | Lana | Shale |

World map
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The world that MSD takes place in is known as Ran. The entirety of MSD takes place in a town known as Blornoren. This village is located in the empire of Kaier, though as you can see by the map, the town used to be part of the now-defunct country of Piire. Relden's father and most of the people in the village are of Piiresh descent; while most of the adults can speak Piiresh, the language spoken in the comic is Kaierii Common, as all other languages are banned under Kaierii rule.

Relden's mother is a member of the Nangani people, who have no clearly-defined country or region of their own. They travel from place to place and as a consequence have the blood of most nationalities mixed into their clans. They are a generally accepting people, and most countries allow them free reign to come and go through their borders as they please. Though most "settled" peoples consider them to be rough, uncouth, or even "savage," the Nangani are nevertheless seldom hassled, as they control most trade routes throughout the lands.

Dragons, although once prolific, are now a very rare race to find in any human lands. They are viewed very differently depending on which race of people you ask. Piiresh are terrified by them--perhaps for good reasons. The Nangani believe that dragons are the chosen race of their goddess, and that the Nangani themselves are descendants of eight dragon sisters that shifted into human form and never returned. As for the other races--well, you'll have to discover what they think along with Relden and Lana!

More to come!

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