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I love making fun of myself. XD

Fanart is grouped according to the artist. Clicking on an artist's name will take you to their Smackjeeves profile, and clicking a thumbnail take you to the full version.

Thank you very very much to anyone who has sent me fan art!! It really makes my day. :D

Artist: Sentia Shinou
One of the coolest people on Smackjeeves. :D READ HER COMICS, you won't be sorry!
How awesome is this? I giggle with glee everytime I see it! :D YES. I LOVE GORTHU. And I love him even more looking at this adorable fanart! <3 Relden and Shale when they are older. Sparring. TOO COOL!! :D Plus it's got a hilarious caption! XD

Artist: Skystears
Another awesome artist with a great comic! You should really read Blaze, like, right now. But you can't have Blaze... He's MINE. <33 =w=
This is so totally Shale. XDDD I love it!! How cool is this?? I love his hair and eyes! Awesome! ^^ Yayyyy!! I love Shale's long hair and pouty lips! X3 Actually, all of it is great! So pretty!!

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